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Custom Frank the Welder FTW track frameset - Columbus Zona - 58cm


Frank the Welder is an industry legend, a dude who has a bevy of rad bikes in the world, and almost as many stories about how crazy, weird, unique, or extreme he is.  And I think he's fucking amazing.  Here's one of his personal frames, a really amazing track rig with tons of cool details.  Columbus Zona OS tubing, segmented fork, mega thin seatstay bridge, etc.  This thing is designed to be a rocket, long and low (fits like a 58cm frame, with short seat tube), but with incredible handling thanks to the fairly neutral fork trail.  Beautiful shape, with only a few minor scuffs.  Integrated headset included, bottom bracket is not (but price has been adjusted to reflect this).

Critical numbers:

Seat tube: 52.5cm/  Top tube: 58cm/  Rear spacing: 120mm/  Head tube: 14cm

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various 9-5-15 046.jpg
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